Reading is part of my daily ritual for a very important reason.  They say you are who you associate with and what you read.  Reading feeds your brain.  It gives you new ideas and allows you to consume a vast amount of work in a very short time.  It takes a lot of research, time, effort, editing, and crafting to write a book.  Yet you can read one in just a few hours.  Reading puts all of that work and knowledge into your head and gives you new ways to look at problems and explore the world.  I can call upon lessons learned from what I’m reading and apply it to my everyday personal, business, and family problems.  I constantly have a source of new insight which makes me a better businessperson, team member, parent, and husband.

For that reason I tend not to read much fiction.  Every now and then I will indulge, but they are essentially the same as watching TV or a movie.  While fun, they rarely grow your mind, perhaps with the exception being some science fiction as that kind of fiction can introduce new ways of thinking and explores large problems beyond our current capabilities.

Create a backlog of books to read, and choose carefully.  I can read about 50 books per year.  I would like to increase that, but it is still a small number compared to all of the great information out there.  At 50 per year, you can read maybe 3,000 or 4,000 books in your life.  Make them count.

You can see my reading list on GoodReads.