How not to Die

This is a long book and most of is says the same thing just applied to a long list of diseases. Each chapter covers the benefits of fruits and vegetables on that particular disease. Heart disease is the leading killer in the Unites States. If you remove the fat from the bloodstream, you make it very hard to develop arterial blockages. So eat more fruits and vegetables.

Drugs vs veggies

The author cites double blind peer reviewed studies that show the benefit and impact of an all fruit and vegetable diet being often equally effective treating many diseases to popular pharmaceuticals that carry a very high cost. Marketing fruits and vegetables isn’t nearly as profitable as marking drugs. Some drugs are very effective, but there are often downside risks associated with them. Whereas fruits and vegetables have no downside, so why not use them as a means to health as well. Better still, prevent yourself from getting to the point of needing mediation in the first place with you guessed it… more fruits and vegetables.

The author spends several hundred pages saying the same thing. He points out all of the downsides of meat, even fish, eggs, and milk! Then he goes on to show all of the positive impacts of various fruits, vegetables, and spices on each disease. Eat nothing but fruits and vegetables to become nearly immune to all of the most common western diseases, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.


Note that the author is also an animal right activist so there is extra incentive on his behalf to promote a zero animal product diet. All of his claims he backs up with studies from very reputable research institutions. I read the phrase “double blind, placebo controlled, peer reviewed study” probably hundreds of times. Go look up the research yourself. Any amalgamation is going to contain some cherry picking of studies was done to support his hypothesis.

I am not a nutritionist, nor can I claim to be a health expert. I do want to lead a healthy and long life.  So look at the downside of eating a plant based diet.  It’s hard to find much risk there. It intrinsically makes sense. Nature has been making the right foods for us for millions of years. We’ve been at it for just a few hundred, albeit with a much sharper focus due to the benefits of science and engineering. Pharmaceuticals do have a measurable impact on extending people’s lives. Michael Greger’s purpose is to show that so do fruits and vegetables, and they’re a lot cheaper.