The Greatest Salesman in the World

This is one of those parable classics you will probably never read unless you are in sales.  It reads like a bed time story.  Caveat here, I have recently taken up sales as part of my profession to create opportunities for spike income which I can use to invest.  I wouldn’t have otherwise been interested in such a book.  In fact, I used to have a pretty negative opinion of sales.  I was a software engineer for decades after all.  We’re supposed to hate sales and marketing like cats hate dogs.  I’ve realized this is simply my limited experience of course.  So if I’m going to get into sales, I want to do it right.  This book came up on several high reading lists of high performing sales people I have studied.  So consider it homework.

This book tells the story of a camel boy on his quest to become a salesman.  His first and best spark of genius was to find a mentor.  This reluctant merchant is harsh but truthful with him and sets him to task.  Weed out courses have been around long before I was in chemical engineering 201.  There are challenges, failures, moments of deep caring, joy, and redemption throughout the boys experiences.  It is a story of persistence.

The story starts at the end of this boy’s life.  And in that end, he has exceeded his mentor in every way.  He runs a vast trade network which is the envy of many.  The book is a retelling of how he applied the secrets from is mentor and his scrolls.

These scrolls are the vector for conveying 7 essential rules for mastering sales. They could apply very broadly, but in the context of sales do a lot to put one in the right mindset.  If the book is successful it will change your context around what it means to sell.  It is not simply pushing wares to anyone that has the capability of buying.  The story seeks to make the merchant a noble figure through these rules.  I guess every salesman hasn’t read it yet.


The Greatest Salesman in the World is a story set in oral tradition to be told from one generation to the next.  It is delightful on audible.  Reading it aloud just feels right.  There is a religious overtone to the book, but it’s not overbearing or preachy.  If you are going to read a bedtime story to your kids about sales, this one is it.  It brings it down to basics and provides a foundation for selling with a soul.

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The Greatest Salesman in the World
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